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Dental Implants

Missing a tooth negatively impact your general health and can cause you a lot of embarrassment. Over time, your teeth will shift as your body naturally tries to correct the problem, however this shifting can lead to serious damage in your jawbone. But we offer the best dental implants in Markham that will prevent any further damage from happening.

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into your jaw. A replacement tooth, or bridge, is then attached to the artificial root.

Dental implants are usually 4-5 millimetres in diameter, however some problems require a screw with a smaller diameter. These are called ‘mini implants’. Mini implants are often used to secure dentures that are loose fitting.

All on 4 (Teeth in a Day)

If you have lost many teeth on your upper or lower jaw, or if you have many teeth that are damaged or badly decayed, All on 4 may be the solution to restore your smile. All on 4 allows you to completely restore your smile with a full set of attractive, permanent replacement teeth in as little as one day.

The All on 4 solution consists of four dental implants supporting a permanent set of replacement teeth. If you don’t require bone grafts or other augmentation to your jawbones prior to placing the implants, we can place your implants, design your replacement teeth and place them in one appointment.

All on 4 provides many significant advantages over traditional dentures or bridgework. The All on 4 replacement teeth provide much higher chewing function than removable dentures, they are less expensive than multiple implant-supported bridges, they are more comfortable than removable dentures and they don’t need to be removed for cleaning. Because they are permanently mounted in your mouth, the All on 4 replacement teeth will never slip or shift while you are speaking or eating.

The All on 4 procedure will depend on your specific needs, but for all patients the process is similar. We begin by scanning your mouth to determine where to place the implants and how to design and place your replacement teeth. Then it will be necessary to extract all the teeth from the row where the All on 4 replacement is being placed, after which we will place the implants in your jaw. Once the implants are placed we will permanently attach the replacement teeth, and you can immediately begin enjoying your new smile.

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